Big Brother 2016: Chelsea Singh and Jayne Connery clash after coming face to face

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Jayne Connery and Chelsea Singh have clashed on Big Brother 2016 after coming face to face.

Last week 12 brand new Housemates joined the Big Brother House for the summer. They were totally unaware that 6 Others are a short distance away in The Other House.

And both groups were also unaware of connections between them... until tonight when ALL was revealed.

As part of a live twist, Chelsea moved over to The Other House and came face to face with Jayne.

We previously learned that she has a history with the self-made millionaire.

Jayne revealed last week: “I never had a relationship with Chelsea but we were very, very friendly…who knows what might have happened but we fell out just before Big Brother…very recent, weeks”

Exactly what has gone on between them still isn't clear, although Jayne has made no secret that she is NOT fond of Chelsea.

After moving in to The Other House with Jayne tonight, Chelsea was confronted by her.

"You owe me an apology," Jayne declared.

"I don't think I owe you an apology," Chelsea replied, with neither giving much away about their connection.

"Then you can walk out," said Jayne.

Chelsea then stormed off: "Talk to the hand, I ain't got time for f**king bullshit."

So we're still no closer to knowing just what has gone on between them...

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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