Big Brother 2016: Andrew Tate removed over THIS video

Why did Andrew Date leave Big Brother?

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Andrew Tate was removed from Big Brother 2016 over a "kinky" sex video with an ex-girlfriend.

The Sun newspaper has released footage HERE of Andrew and a girlfriend from 2012 showing him whipping her with a belt.

A spokesperson for Channel 5 told the newspaper that producers felt Andrew's place in the house was "untenable" due to the release of the clip.

They said: “Channel 5 and the producers reached the view that Andrew’s position as a housemate had become untenable after a video was brought to our attention by The Sun."

However speaking to the newspaper, Andrew echoed comments he had made on Twitter earlier today that the video was nothing more than a bit of fun between consenting partners.

“This tape is a kinky sex video and we’re acting out a role play," he said, "A longer version of the video shows us laughing and I’m hitting myself saying ‘it doesn’t hurt’.

“I’m still friends with her and she’s in the UK with me now. I would never hit a woman."

Andrew claimed: “I think Big Brother is using this to get me out of the house as they’re scared for the other contestants’ safety.

“They told me that if housemates hit me that I can’t hit back and have to wait for security, but I told them no way. I’m a calm person, but I’d defend myself."

And Andrew also responded to THOSE messages on his Twitter account, telling the tabloid: “I also didn’t write any racist tweets and I couldn’t find them on my social media. My dad’s black so that doesn’t stand up!”

Following the release of the video and Andrew's claims, many viewers have suggested it was WRONG for Big Brother to have ejected him.

The reaction from BB fans follows Andrew's former fellow housemates Marco and Laura partaking in a similar 'risky sexual activity' in the house itself at the weekend. Laura was seen strangling and whipping Marco with a belt in the living area.

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Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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