Big Brother 2016! Chelsea Singh becomes one of The Others after live twist

big brother 2016 chelsea

Chelsea Singh has become one of The Others on Big Brother 2016 as all was revealed about this year's two houses.

Earlier this evening, in the highlights, we saw that everything was not as it seemed in the Big Brother house as the Housemates woke up to a series of paranormal activities as the first shopping task began.

What they didn't know was that The Others were doing everything they can to try and get the house to fail, and steal the reward for themselves.

Day 7 Georgina.

In the live twist after the highlights, Big Brother gave The Others their final part of the shopping task, asking them to name the biggest horror of the house.

They weren't able to pick Ryan, already an Other working undercover in the Main House, or Laura, already being targeted by The Others.

They chose Chelsea Singh with Hughie explaining: "Jayne's description of him is horrible and we didn't like his haircut."

Back in the main house, Chelsea was told to come to the Diary Room and - with the rest of the Housemates watching on the TV - Big Brother revealed all about The Other House, The Others and their mission to take down The Housemates.

Big Brother explained to Chelsea that, as being chosen as the biggest horror by The Others, he would vanish from the house and become one of The Others.

Chelsea then moved over to The Other House which he was already quite well aware of after seeing it when breaking out of the main house at the weekend.

Day 7 Hughie and Jackson.

It meant coming face to face with Jayne who has a previous connection to him, although neither seemed immediately keen to speak about their past.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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