Big Brother 2016: Laura Carter has regrets as Lateysha Grace brands her a 'w***e'

Big Brother 2016

Laura Carter tells Marco Pierre White Jr that she just wants to be friends in tonight's Big Brother 2016.

In the morning, in the bedroom, Laura announces, “I do forget everybody is watching! It’s kind of been pretty much me and Marco getting it on!”

Sam comments, “Marco will be getting girls flooding after him!”

Laura then tells Marco that they should just be friends, the pair high five

But has the damage already been done?

Lateysha is in the diary room and tells Big Brother, “Laura needs to calm it with Marco. She’s not strong enough to overcome her inner-w***e.”

Meanwhile, in the garden, Laura tells Andy and Evelyn, “I regret what I’ve done in the house, not with Marco.

"Marco now doesn’t really interact with me now. I think he feels guilty for what he’s done because of his fiancée.” She admits she’s not done herself any favours

Having agreed to just be friends with Laura, Marco seems to move on to the other girls in the house.

In the bedroom, He reveals to Emma, “Until I find the right person, I just want to be free, I just want to be a bird. Got any cool friends that I would be perfect for?”

She replies, “Most of my friends are like 30.”

He comments, “That doesn’t bother me if they’re cool," adding that she is super cute, while also telling Lateysha that she is gorgeous

Later on however, Lateysha, Sam and Andy are talking about Marco in the garden, they comment that he talks about himself too much and is starting to p**s people off

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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