Big Brother 2016 spoilers! Secret twist to the shopping task revealed!

Big Brother 2016

There's a secret twist to this week's first Big Brother 2016 shopping task.

In tonight's show, everything is not as it seems in the Big Brother house, the housemates wake up to a series of paranormal activities as the first shopping task begins.

Housemates must take part in a series of spooky challenges in order to win a luxury shopping budget.

What they don't know is that The Others will be doing everything they can to try and get the house to fail, and steal the reward for themselves.

With fellow undercover Other Andrew Tate removed, Big Brother tells Ryan to work together with The Others to try and get the housemates to fail a series of tasks as part of the haunted shopping task.

Ryan is let into The Other house, Big Brother reveals to The Others about Ryan’s job to try and get the housemates to fail the task.

The first part of the shopping task sees Ryan, Lateysha and Sam enter Big Brother’s abandoned attic, where they must work together through a series of clues to rid the attic of any haunted activity. If Ryan can convince Lateysha and Sam to leave the attic the housemates will fail that part of the shopping task.

For the second challenge of the shopping task, Jason, Laura, Evelyn and Emma take part in an ancient ritual in the pod.

They are asked a series of questions about their housemates, which they must not discuss; if they do talk they will fail. The Others secretly wrote the questions, and the house watches on.

As part of the task, the group choose Marco as the loudest housemate, Ryan as the least hygienic and the biggest attention seeker, Andy as the most boring and Georgina as the most two faced.

See how it all plays out tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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