Big Brother 2016: One Housemate to move to The Other House in live twist tonight

Big Brother 2016 spoilers!

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother 2016 will see a special live twist tonight as one of the Housemate moves to The Other House.

Scheduled for 10PM on Channel 5 after the highlights from 9PM, the 30 minute live special is titled as "Live Twist Revealed" and now we've had some more details about what to expect.

By now the Housemates are all too aware of the Other House and the fact that 'evicted' housemates Alex and Jackson have moved there in with The Others.

They were replaced in the main house by Others Ryan and Andrew - who has since been REMOVED from the house - who had been set a secret mission in order to become Housemates.

However with Andrew gone and Ryan not even bothering to attempt the secret task, it appears that twist is dead in the water.

So now a brand new twist has been revealed with Bit On The Side's Rylan Clark announcing this afternoon that live tonight one Housemate will become an Other.

It's not yet clear exactly how this will happen or what is going on with this week's nominations and first eviction.

Ryan and Andrew had been secretly tasked with getting one of the Housemates of their choosing up for the public vote.

The Others decided to target Laura but following Andrew's removal and Ryan's refusal to 'game play' if she does end up for eviction it'll be down to coincidence rather than anything else.

And with the house now TWO housemates down after Andrew's ejection and one of the twins walking on Saturday, this week's first eviction may not even go ahead anyway.

For now, Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 at 9PM with the Live Special at 10PM on Tuesday evening.

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