Big Brother 2016: Now Ryan Ruckledge 'faces removal over transphobic and racist tweet'

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother 2016 could find itself in more controversy with Ryan Ruckledge 'facing removal' from the house.

It follows possibly BBUK's worst first week in history which has seen walkers, breakouts, race rows and, last night, a removal of one housemate from the house.

Could X Factor reject Ryan's place now also be in jeopardy?

A 'transphobic and racist' tweet has come to light which was allegedly posted by his Twitter account back in 2012, targeting former Big Brother winner Luke A.

"Luke A i really hope you make the most of your m**** while youve got it cos we all no you gonna buy urself a black c*** with your winnings! (sic)” the message said.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Big Brother 13 champ Luke himself reacted to the message: "If Big Brother are removing housemates for racial slurs and abusive past tweets, then yes, without a doubt [he should be removed].

"In previous shows housemates using derogatory racial terms had been ejected immediately. Transphobic hate speech is no different. There is a growing LGBT community who will be offended.”

He added: “I hope Big Brother give me the chance to confront him face to face. I used to be quite forgiving of trolls but now I have zero tolerance. ”

Andrew Tate was removed from the house yesterday and had also made headlines for offensive tweets apparently sent by his account before the show.

However Channel 5 have DENIED this was the reason for his ejection, although admitted it was not due to his actions in the house either.

"Andrew was removed because of information which came to light today," they said last night.

The spokesperson added of Ryan's tweet: "Big Brother does not condone any offensive behaviour in the House. If offensive comments of that sort are made in the house, Big Brother will deal with them appropriately, in accordance with its long-standing protocols.”

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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