Big Brother 2016: Andrew Tate 'removed over SHOCKING footage'

Why did Andrew Date leave Big Brother?

Andrew Tate

Was Andrew Tate removed from Big Brother over 'SHOCKING footage' obtained by a tabloid newspaper?

Channel 5 confirmed yesterday (June 13) evening that Andrew had been removed form the series less than a week into the show.

A spokesperson for Channel 5 said: "Due to information Channel 5 and Big Brother became aware of today, Andrew Tate has been removed from the Big Brother House."

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Precisely what has prompted Andrew's departure has yet to be confirmed but Channel 5 DENIED it was anything to do with offensive tweets allegedly posted to his Twitter account before the series begun.

They also DENIED claims by Andrew himself made in a Facebook video that he was booted out over a plan to cause trouble as part of his secret task.

At the time of writing the official reason for Andrew's ejection has not been confirmed, with Channel 5 only saying last night: "Andrew was removed because of information which came to light today [June 13]."

However The Sun newspaper's showbiz editor Dan Wootton has suggested Andrew's exit may have been down to "shocking new footage" the tabloid had been given.

During an appearance on Bit On The Side, Dan revealed that the newspaper would be running a story later on in the week on Andrew's past.

And he tweeted after the show: "So @TheSun has obtained some shocking new footage of Big Brother’s Andrew, who has been booted from house tonight. Details later on. #bbuk"

UPDATE: Andrew has since taken to Twitter to comment on the speculation.

In a series of tweets tonight, he claimed: "The video the sun will release is me hitting a girl with a belt. They edited out ALL of the laughing and joking and it's felt!

"They are pretending I beat her up when we were joking and the belt made noise but didn't hurt! They cut all laughing."

Andrew continued: "I am not a violent man. Kinky yes violent no. Such a stupid story! I didn't even hit marco or jacko or Chelsea when they threatened me

"I have never hurt a girl in my life and this is a total lie trying to make me look bad. And Laura put a belt on marco and didn't get kicked

"So wtf is this about?

big brother 2016 andrew

"Eveyone reads 50 shades no one cares they kicked me because I told my new plan to big brother they said it's too clever and dangerous"

Whether the footage is actually the reason behind Andrew's exit has yet to be officially confirmed.

Bit On The Side host Rylan Clark said that Andrew's exit would play out in tonight's (Tuesday) show from 9PM on Channel 5.

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