Big Brother 2016 housemates get a spooky shopping task

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The Big Brother 2016 Housemates have been set their very first shopping task.

And for the next two days, the group are going to be living in a truly haunted house.

Yesterday morning the housemates were woken up by Big Brother in the pitch black with noises of screams and crying babies playing into the houses.

The walls rattled as the dazed and confused housemates were shocked by BB's early wake up.

Outside the bedroom, housemates found that the house had been taken over by ghouls with even a head in the fridge.

BB then gathered the Housemates on the sofa and began: "This is Big Brother. Housemates, the Big Brother house has been experiencing some unexplained activity..."

However the voice then cut off as the monitors in the house showed static and the lights begun to flicker.

"Big Brother needs your help to eliminate the paranormal," Big Brother's voice returned to say.

The housemates were instructed that they had to successfully complete the majority of challenges given over the next 48 hours in order to free themselves of the horror of the unknown and also win a luxury shopping budget.

For the first challenge, Sam Giffen, Ryan Ruckledge and Lateysha Grace entered Big Brother's abandoned attic.

They had to work together to complete a series of clues to find keys in order to release the ghost, but it meant searching the spooky room and digging through 'guts'

Tune in to Big Brother on Channel 5 at 9PM on Tuesday to watch highlights from the task.

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