Big Brother latest news! Housemate ejected, shopping task and live twist

Big Brother 2016

It's been a VERY dramatic past 24 hours on Big Brother 2016 and here's all you need to know.

- It began as a slow day in the house yesterday with Housemates making dresses out of bin bags and putting on an impromptu fashion show in the garden

- Jason and Marco improvised a game of tennis with frying pans.

- The housemates rated themselves out of ten on looks. Marco gave himself an 9 out of 10 reckoning surgery to his 'big nose' would make it a ten.

- The group were set their first shopping task involving spooky ghosts and ghouls.

- In the evening, Andrew was dramatically REMOVED from the house due to new information that had come to light.

- Andrew has since defended himself online over claims of 'shocking footage' obtained by a newspaper.

- In more controversy outside of the house, Ryan is also said to be 'facing removal' over a 'transphobic and racist' tweet.

- Meanwhile, Jayne Connery's surprise porn past has been exposed, quite literally.

- Tonight's show is set to include a special LIVE TWIST although exactly what's in store has yet to be revealed.

- Ratings for last night's Big Brother dipped to a series low of 930,000 viewers, excluding +1.

- Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM with the live twist show at 10PM.

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