Big Brother 2016 Housemates BEAT The Others in latest task

Big Brother 2016

The Big Brother 2016 housemates triumphed over The Others in their task at the weekend.

In tonight's show the two rival groups go head to head in an endurance challenge.

In the garden, the housemates become scarecrows and they must try withstanding a barrage of disgusting punishments. Housemates are unaware that The Others decide on who gets punished as they will be watching from their living area.

Day 6 Ryan.

If over half of the housemates quit the task early, The Others will win the prize of a party. If six or more housemates withstand the ordeal, they will win.

Ryan visits The Other house to discuss tactics, he says he will try to get the housemates to quit the task so they fail.

The task begins. Numerous disgusting punishments - including dog food and a mud pie - are poured over the housemates’ heads. Ryan does not try to get the housemates to fail, so therefore The Others decide to punish Ryan by selecting him to receive a number of disgusting punishments, including treacle and flour poured over his head.

As only two housemates failed to complete the task - Ryan and Emma – the main house win the task, and rewarded a party.

Hughie and Jackson discuss how Ryan failed to get the housemates to quit the task. Hughie believes ‘Ryan deliberately did it’.

Laura tells Big brother that she was ‘under attack in the task’ and is ‘clearly not liked’.

In the diary room, Ryan feels bad that The Others didn’t win a party. Big Brother lets him visit The Other house to update The Others.

Day 6 Laura.

In The Other house, Ryan apologises to The Others. The Others tell him that he didn’t even try, he says that it’s ‘really hard’, “I feel like I’m a third wheel in the house and would rather be here with yous.”

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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