Big Brother housemates get topless in game of truth or dare

big brother 2016 topless 3

Expect nudity on tonight's Big Brother 2016 as a game of truth or dare gets saucy.

Although it's not quite up there with last night's goings on between Marco and Laura.

In this evening's show, after winning a task against The Others, The Housemates are rewarded with a party from Big Brother with music and booze.

big brother 2016 topless 4

Some of the housemates go to the garden playing truth or dare and things begin to get a bit rowdy.

While some of the housemates are in the smoking area, Laura declares that her and Marco are only friends, “I just like kissing!”

Later, Sam, Marco, Andrew, Evelyn and Laura are playing truth or dare in the hot tub. Andrew’s dare is to kiss Laura; he does so.

big brother 2016 topless 5

During the game, Sam admits that he’s had an eight-some. Marco dares Laura to take her top off and kiss Evelyn; she completes her dare.

Then in the bathroom, Laura and Evelyn are dancing topless.

Over in The Other house, it's a much more quiet night but still the clothes don't stay on.

big brother 2016 topless 2

The Others entertain themselves by playing charades, Alex acts out the film The Naked Gun. The Other females enjoy his ‘acting’.

Later, in The Other garden, Charlie is upset and reveals, “My ex boyfriend is in there relishing in it, loving it! I’ve been in the same clothes since Tuesday, I can’t even cope!” Alex cheers her up by giving her a lap dance.

Day 6 Alex naked

Meanwhile Jackson tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that he would screw over The Others if it meant that him and Alex could go back into the house, “It’s where my Mrs is!”

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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