Big Brother 2016: Twist to be revealed LIVE tonight... maybe

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother is set to reveal all to the house about the latest twist LIVE in a special show tonight.

Scheduled for 10PM after the highlights, the 30 minute live special is titled as "Live Twist Revealed" although what exactly has been planned remains to be seen.

By now the Housemates are all too aware of the Other House and the fact that 'evicted' housemates Alex and Jackson have moved there with the Others.

In Sunday night's show we even saw the two groups communicating over a fence connecting the gardens, but the Housemates don't know everything.

Over the weekend, The Others' Andrew Tate was given a secret mission.

Working undercover as one of the housemates in the main house, Andrew was tasked with getting a specific housemate up for eviction this week.

Andrew returned to The Others' House where the group agreed to target Laura Carter.

Big Brother explained to Andrew in the Diary Room that if he passed, himself and Ryan would both win full housemate status.

However while chatting in the Diary Room on the show last night Ryan appeared to refuse the task as he ruled out 'game playing' leaving Andrew to go it alone.

But in a new unplanned development in the last 24 hours, Andrew has LEFT the house, leaving the whole twist seemingly dead in the water.

So what, if anything, is planned this evening is anyone's guess...

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 at 9PM with the Live Special at 10PM on Tuesday evening.

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