Big Brother 2016: Did Laura Carter and Marco Pierre White Jr just have sex?

Laura & Marco in bed

Laura Carter and Marco Pierre White Jr got VERY cosy under the covers in the Big Brother house tonight.

In the middle of the evening, Marco moved into Laura's bed and exactly what happened next under the sheets is anyone's guess.

But Laura certainly seemed to be enjoying it...

It's despite Laura saying she planned to back off in yesterday's highlights after being booed by the crowd in Friday night's live show.

In tonight's episode, things got far more heated between the pair with Big Brother issuing a warning before the show about 'risky sexual activity'.

In one scene, Marco and Laura entered the Pod with a belt as he asked: "Strangle me."

Laura replied “I’m not going to strangle you on TV," although went on and did it anyway.

Marco begged: “Whip me with it.”

They giggled as Laura straddled Marco and slapped his face with the end of the belt. Marco told her: "Oh, we know each other so well, you’re amazing."

They were then kissing outside in the smoking area as Marco put his hand down Laura's pants and remarked about her being "shaven" and told her she could 'sit on his face'.

And in another scene, Marco was shown sucking on Laura's breasts.

Then with the lights out in the bedroom, it's anyone's guess as to exactly what happened next.

marco laura omg

The latest developments come after Marco's fiancée Kimberley Melville-Smith spoke out to DENY the pair were in an open relationship as he had claimed on the show.

She tweeted: "Fyi I said #hallpass NOT open relationship. I don't watch bb, but I heard this today. Worst thing I can't even talk to him."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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