Big Brother 2016: Charlie Doherty gives Jackson Blyton a lap dance

bbuk lap dance

Jackson Blyton got a bit more than he expected after moving in to The Other House on Big Brother 2016 this weekend.

The 24-year-old model was 'evicted' out of the main house in Friday night's live show and has become one of The Others.

Passing the time in the second house yesterday, he enjoyed a lap dance from Charlie Doherty, a stripper who previously attended a strict Catholic school.

We wonder what Charlie's ex Jason Burrill would make of it all if he saw what was going on just metres away?!

Meanwhile it wasn't just The Others who were getting touchy feely last night.

Over in the main house, Big Brother provided The Housemates - including undercover Others Ryan and Andrew - a game.

In what turned out to be a weird version of Twister, each Housemate started by picking a random question out of a box.

Questions asked Housemates things like who they thought was 'most genuine', 'biggest gossip' and 'most deserving to win'.

Housemates then had to pick a random body part - from big toe to lips - from another box and touch that body part on the Housemate they wanted to the answer the question with.

And keep touching it until further notice...

The highlights will play out on tonight's show at 9PM on Channel 5.

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