Big Brother steps in after ANOTHER row between Natalie Rowe and Hughie Maughan

Big Brother 2016

There's yet another explosive row between Hughie Maughan and Natalie Rowe in tonight's Big Brother 2016.

In last night's show the pair exploded at one another in the aftermath of Friday evening's live twist.

There was a lot of shouting and swearing although a lot of viewers couldn't quite understand just what the pair were actually angry about.

Whatever it was, it's not been sorted.

In tonight's show, in the Other house, Natalie is seen in the Diary Room talking about Hughie.

“He’s a two-faced turn-coat… Ryan is just a gobby little s**t but Hughie is a backstabbing low-life and he now has no sidekick," Natalie rants.

Later on, Hughie gets annoyed when Natalie supposedly makes Jayne upset by shouting.

Hughie complains: “Jayne is upset… she’s (Natalie) a trouble riser, a fake-ass bitch.”

There's an explosive confrontation later when The Others are in the garden.

Hughie says that at Natalie’s age, she should not argue like she does.

Alex tells him “Don’t get personal" but Hughie takes offence and shouts at Alex.

Natalie gets involved: “He’s volatile.”

Hughie hurls insults at Natalie and as a result, Big Brother calls him to the Diary Room.

With The Others' arguing so loudly that most of Borehamwood can hear, it's not long before The Housemates get involved over the fence.

That second secret house is now anything but...

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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