Big Brother 2016: Andrew Tate returns to The Other House for a secret mission

Big Brother 2016

Andrew Tate returned to The Other House on Big Brother tonight for a secret mission.

Well, we say secret, it seems now that EVERYONE knows all about the second house and The Others.

On tonight's highlights we saw four Housemates break into the camera runs where they discovered The Other House and saw 'evicted' Housemates Alex Cannon and Jackson Blyton.

Big Brother then decided to let the escaped housemates return and it took them seconds to blab about everything to the rest of the house.

Still, the twist continues with The Others' Andrew and Ryan on a secret mission to try and win Housemate status for themselves.

Yesterday The Others got to watch more action from The House before being surprised when Andrew made a return via the Diary Room.

He told the group that they had to decide on a housemate to try and get nominated for eviction - and it would be up to Andrew and Ryan to make it happen.

As yet Big Brother has given absolutely no information on how they'll go about the task, how nominations will work this week or how many nominations will be needed to face eviction.

And while we know that Andrew and Ryan will win full Housemate status if they pass, it's not been revealed what will happen if they fail.

Stick with us for the latest!

BB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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