Big Brother Victoria's bizarre breakdown over trees and meat before breaking out

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother's Victoria Jensen broke down in tears just before escaping from the house last night.

In scenes set to air on Channel 5 at 10PM tonight, twins Victoria and Emma Jensen walk of the house with only Emma returning.

A spokesperson for Channel 5 confirmed earlier today: "Victoria has this morning decided to leave the Big Brother house, her twin sister Emma will continue as a housemate in Big Brother."

Victoria's break for freedom followed two bizarre meltdowns over trees and plants.

In one, she sobbed to her fellow housemates: "I just want to run away into a forest. With meat and stuff, I really feel those animals. I really love them.

"I know most people eat meat. I don't want to put that on anyone, but when I'm living now, I just don't have meat in the house and fish and stuff.

"Because it's like, you can't control everything. Also, you know, like touching your feet on the earth and on the grass."

She added: "There's no plants or anything."

The day before, Victoria had a similar teary breakdown in the toilet with sister Emma.

Victoria cried: "If you're used to just going out and like talking to trees, but there's no trees here or any plants.

"It's just really making me panic a bit.

"Everything's fake and like all the crazy energy from all the electricity and the lights and stuff."

Watch Victoria's exit from Big Brother tonight on Channel 5 from 10PM.

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