Big Brother 2016: Ryan Ruckledge in TEARS after joining the main house

bbuk ryan cries

Ryan Ruckledge was in tears in the Big Brother house this evening.

The X Factor reject yesterday moved from The Other House to the main house, pretending to be a brand new housemate.

However he has been watching the Housemates since they entered and was all too aware one of them - Sam Giffen - was a former friend.

As soon as Ryan entered the pair kicked off but the morning after it had all calmed down.

And in the house earlier today, Ryan broke down over all the drama.

He sobbed to Lateysha Grace: "I just feel really out of place.

"You have been so welcoming but I just feel so out of place."

Ryan continued: "I never thought I would cry at all. I just really feel out of place, I said [to Big Brother] 'Why couldn't they just put me in on launch?', they've got me pissed off on purpose to cause all this."

He added: "I took at people on the TV and think 'What the f**k are you crying for you ****?'"

Lateysha advised: "Just enjoy it, just relax a bit.

"You're going to cry a lot in here, I'm quite a strong person and I've cried twice already."

Wiping away the tears - as Sam looked on - Ryan said: "It's just not what I expected, that's all. My God, what a wimp."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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