Big Brother 2016: Marco Pierre White Jr rages at Andrew Tate as he joins the main house


Marco Pierre White Jr goes head to head with Andrew Tate on tonight's Big Brother after the fake eviction twist.

Andrew, who has up until now been living in The Other House, enters the main residence as a 'new housemate' alongside Ryan.

However he quickly gives up any pretence of being a newbie and takes aim at the original Housemates for being 'snakes'.

"I don't know everything, but I know some things. There are ten of us in here and eight of you are probably the biggest snakes that have ever been in Big Brother," Andrew tells the Housemates in the living room.

He then confuses the Housemates by falsely claiming: "From what I've seen, you're saying to someone you're upset they're evicted after voting for them."

Marco is left raging by Andrew's comments.

He rants in the smoking area to Laura: "He call us all snakes, I've said nothing but nice things, this guy's a f**king liar."

Marco then confronts Andrew: "Why did you come in here and start like that?

"You came into here and called eight of us snakes."

Marco points out: "You didn't even tell us your f**king name."

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Sam and Ryan clash when they come to face to face while four housemates ESCAPE the house, with one not returning.

An explosive episode of Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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