Big Brother morning update! Fights, flirting and a lot more snogging...

Big Brother 2016

Here's all of the latest goings on from Big Brother 2016 over the past 24 hours.

- It was Day 4 in the Big Brother house and a rather dramatic one from the off.

- In The Others house, Ryan and Hughie clashed as the confines of the smaller house saw tensions rise.

- Over in the more much harmonious main house, more romances were brewing as Jackson revealed feelings for Georgina. However she confessed to fancying Alex.

- Andy confessed he was attracted to Jackson. "If you were gay I would," he remarked.

- Meanwhile The Pod was occupied once again by Marco and Laura who were making out some more.

- Jackson and Marco taught Emma (one of the twins) to do handstands in the garden

- In the evening the live show saw Alex and Jackson 'evicted' into The Other house while Ryan and Andrew moved in to Main House.

- Almost immediately, Ryan and Andrew failed to follow instructions as they blabbed on what they had seen spoiling the whole twist.

- Ryan came face to face with Sam causing a HUGE argument that almost got physical.

- Back in The Other House, Alex and Jackson settled in but things kicked off as Natalie and Hugh had a late night shouting match in another row between those living next door.

- In the main house, having heard The Others in their garden previously, the Housemates were not at all convinced that Alex and Jackson had really been evicted.

- Laura admitted she expected the boos from the live audience because of her "reputation".

- 1 million viewers tuned in to watch last night's live show between 9PM and 10PM.

- Big Brother airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 5

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