'They make me sick!' Laura Carter and Marco Pierre White Jr's PDA shocks Big Brother viewers

Big Brother 2016

Laura Carter and Marco Pierre White Jr's tonsil tennis on Big Brother 2016 has left viewers far from impressed.

Just three days into the series Laura and Marco were snogging in the pod and they're at it again in tonight's latest show on Channel 5.

It's all despite Marco being ENGAGED, although he claims to have been given a 'hall pass' by his fiancée.

In last night's episode, Laura told Big Brother: "I fancy him a little bit more today, but he’s got a fiancé so I won’t be going there…

"I think we have got a lot of sexual chemistry me and Marco.”

Not long later they were on the floor of the pod, snogging one another's faces off.

Marco commented at the end of their make up session: “That’s enough for Day 2, you’ll have to carry on watching and we’ll give you a show.”

Viewers haven't been left too impressed with the pair's antics.

Mary wrote on our Facebook page: "These two make me want to vomit!!!!! they are vile. His dad must be so proud..........not!!!!!!!"

Kerry quipped: "So much for him having a fiance"

And Lilly was rather more to the point: "Pair of slappers"

Unfortunately viewers with an aversion to the pair may wish to prepare themselves for tonight's show.

Once again the duo take to the pod to make up and it gets awkward when Marco has a bit of a malfunction with his underwear...

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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