Big Brother 2016 race row as Jayne Connery and Natalie Rowe clash

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother 2016 sees its first row on tonight's show as Jayne Connery and Natalie Rowe argue about race.

In The Other House, The Others are talking about race when Jayne comments: “My mum was abused by a black carer…

"They said she didn’t do well with black people...My mum would never in a million years be that type of person.”

Day 3 Jayne and Charlie.

Natalie reacts: “F**king weird conversation. We’re not aliens, Jesus.

"I just don’t like f**king weird conversations about black people. It’s pissing me off actually.”

Natalie and Ryan argue in the garden over Jayne’s comments as the private investigator defended herself: “There is one thing I ain’t, I ain’t a f**king racist, I’ve got a f**king black carer and I love her, and she gave me my f**king life back.”

Jayne and Natalie then spoke to one another.

“I’m not word playing here…you grab headlines that's fine," Jayne says. "I have nothing against you you’re a nice bird.”

Natalie replies: “I’ve got a lot against you…I’m not your friend, piss off.”

While The Others are at one another's throats, elsewhere in tonight's show the Housemates are doing fine.

Far from being unsettled and paranoid by the random nominations from The Others, romance is in the air.

In one scene, Jackson and Georgina get closer and he asks: “If I approached you, would you allow me to approach you?”

Meanwhile, Lateysha and Sam spend time in the bedroom commenting on the Housemates bodies.

Day 3 Natalie and Ryan.

Lateysha says: “Everyone’s bodies are amazing in here.”

Sam adds: “I look at Alex…and I’m definitely not standing next to him naked. If I was outside and I took my top off, I would feel uncomfortable with myself. Alex has got the perfect body!”

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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