Big Brother 2016: Tonight's MEGA eviction twist REVEALED - get ready for drama...

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There's a mega Big Brother 2016 eviction twist LIVE tonight and here's how it's all going to go down.

Stick with us because its a bit messy.

Back on Tuesday evening we met the 12 Housemates on this year's series along with six more contestants known as 'The Others', who are living in a second separate house.

"You are not Big Brother housemates, you not even in the Big Brother house," Big Brother told The Others. "The housemates do not know you exist and you must remain undetected. You are on a mission to target and take down the housemates."

The Others have been secretly nominating Housemates all week and so far we've seen them target Laura Carter and Alex Cannon.

Each of the nominated Housemates have in turn also had to nominate someone. Laura chose Lateysha Grace and Alex picked Andy West.

Yesterday The Others targeted one last Housemate who has also had to nominate another Housemate; these two Housemates will be revealed later today.

This will leave a total of six up for eviction, or so both the Housemates and Others believe.

In fact there is NO eviction this week and instead The Others will be asked to decide which TWO of the nominated Housemates move to The Other house.

But that's not all because while there is no eviction there will still over be a public vote.

Viewers tonight will be able to decide which TWO of The Others should move to main house in a switcheroo that's sure to cause trouble.

The two of The Others who top the public vote will not reveal The Other House to the main house.

Instead, they'll act as new Housemates who have only just joined the series as they work undercover to try and win Housemate status for themselves.

All the drama will go down LIVE on Friday from 9PM on Channel 5.

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