Big Brother 2016: Two of The Others move to the main house...

Tonight's Big Brother 2016 results

Big Brother 2016

Two of The Others have made their way into the main Big Brother 2016 house in tonight's live show.

Andrew Tate and Ryan Ruckledge have won places in the main house after a viewer vote this evening.

Back in Tuesday evening's launch we met the 12 Housemates on this year's series along with six more contestants known as 'The Others', who are living in a second separate house.

"You are not Big Brother housemates, you not even in the Big Brother house," Big Brother told The Others. "The housemates do not know you exist and you must remain undetected. You are on a mission to target and take down the housemates."

The Others have been secretly nominating Housemates all week and they targeted Laura Carter, Alex Cannon and Jackson Blyton.

Day 1 Andrew.

Each of the nominated Housemates have in turn also had to nominate someone. Laura chose Lateysha Grace, Alex picked Andy West and Jackson selected Chelsea Singh.

Earlier tonight, Big Brother told The Others that there was in fact no public vote and it would them who decided which TWO of the six nominated housemates would be evicted.

They chose to evict Alex and Jackson but The Others were not aware that in fact the pair were not really being evicted and instead just moving next door to join them in The Other House.

But the night wasn't over there as a public vote then opened for us viewers to select two of The Others to take Jackson and Alex's place in the main house.

Emma Willis announced the results of the viewer vote with Andrew Tate and Ryan Ruckledge winning places in the main house.

Day 2 Andrew, Ryan and Charlie.

Big Brother revealed to the pair: "You will spend several days in the house carrying on the work of The Others, creating paranoia and suspicion from the house."

They left to meet Emma outside before switching houses.

If The Others are successful in remaining undetected they'll win Housemate status for themselves.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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