Big Brother 2016: Ryan Ruckledge is STILL raging at Sam Giffen

Big Brother 2016

Ryan Ruckledge has let rip into Sam Giffen again on Big Brother 2016.

On Tuesday night, 12 brand new Housemates joined the Big Brother House for the summer. They are currently totally unaware that 6 Others are a short distance away in The Other House who have some connections to them.

In last night night's show, Big Brother showed the Others the Housemates’ audition tapes and Ryan realised he has a connection with Sam.

Ryan reacted: “Oh my god he tried to take two of my exes from me."

Sam talked in his tape about Ryan, saying: “He kept trying to be me…obsessed with me”.

Ryan then raged: “Get me into that f**king house now. That guy is going to wish I was never in the f**king place, I swear to god…I am raging”

In a chat with Big Brother yesterday morning, Ryan was still fuming.

He ranted: "Why is he in here? What is he doing?

"Will you make sure he does not get evicted or leave in any way shape or form because that is an easy way out.

"I can't have that, I'm not having him going around saying I want to be him. Why would I want to be him?"

Ryan continued: "I'll admit he's one f**king s**t guy, what an embarrassment.

"Technically, he's only in here 'cause of me because he's got zero banter."

Tonight sees a LIVE twist play out where two of the Housemates and the Others will swap places.

Could Ryan an Sam come face to face?

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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