Big Brother 2016 twins cry because there are no TREES in the house

big brother 2016 emma victoria

Big Brother 2016 twins Victoria and Emma Jensen have become the first to shed a tear on the show this year.

Just three days into the series it seems to have all got a bit much for one of the pair, who are considered to be one housemate.

Victoria sobbed in the bathroom yesterday: "It's just like... quite a different thing to do isn't it like?"

"It's crazy," sister Emma agreed.

Victoria continued to cry: "If you're used to just going out and like talking to trees, but there's no trees here or any plants.

"It's just really making me panic a bit.

"Everything's fake and like all the crazy energy from all the electricity and the lights and stuff."

She went on: "It's just like, I really want to..." before breaking down in tears.

After a pep talk from Emma, Victoria wiped her face and returned to the main house.

"That was a couple of days coming," she admitted.

Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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