Big Brother 2016: Marco Pierre White Jr warned over "uninvited physical contact"

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother has dished out a warning to Marco Pierre White Jr just two days into the new series.

Although it appears a lot of viewers were a tad confused by BB's reprimand in the Diary Room on this evening's show.

It seems to have stemmed from Macro getting 'touchy feely' with fellow housemate Laura Carter.

Big Brother warned Macro about "uninvited physical contact", saying: "Big Brother wants to talk to you about your behaviour in the house and remind you that it is important to always respect your fellow housemates' physical boundaries.

"That includes uninvited physical contact. Big Brother just wants to make sure no-one's in a situation where they might feel uncomfortable. And that includes anyone in the house."

"I completely agree with that, cool," Marco replied.

Earlier in the show we had seen Marco and Laura cosying up to one another.

In one scene the pair struck a deal to share beds, with Marco kissing and hugging Laura as his flirting with the 'normal Northern lass' didn't go unnoticed by the other housemates.

At first Laura didn't show any signs of being put off, telling the other housemates: “I’m really weirdly drawn to him. I definitely would f**k him, I’d want him to f**k me really hard.”

And in the chat with the Diary Room, Laura quipped she wouldn't mind 'sharing a bed with Marco' but ruled out dong anything in the house.

Although she then added: "But it's only Day 2."

In the evening, things seemed to have changed when Laura complained about Marco's 'wandering hands' and said she would 'back him off'.

One Twitter user reacted to the warning from BB: "Did #BBMarco really just get a warning when #BBLaura is running around saying "I WOULD F**K HIM! I'D RIDE HIM!" #bbuk He was invited"

Big Brother continues Friday night at 9PM on Channel 5.

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