Big Brother 2016 housemates talk who fancies who as group get loved up ALREADY

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The Big Brother house was more like an epiosde of Love Island tonight.

Three days in and possible romances are already starting to appear, although none quite as clear as Laura's, er, feelings for Marco.

In a chat around the dining table, Georgina Leigh Cantwell, Andy West and Lateysha Grace discussed the male eye candy in the house.

And there's bad news for Vicky Pattison with the guys eyeing up her man Alex Cannon.

Georgina began by pondering over Jackson, saying he had "the talk" but predicted he would be "useless" as a boyfriend.

Andy and Lateysha felt Alex was a better match for her but Georgina suggested: "I don't think he's into me at all, I think he's into Laura."

However Andy replied: "I've not picked up on that, that's like of Marco's territory," as Georgina speculated that Marco really liked Evelyn Ellis.

The trio then moved on to a classic game of Snog, Marry Avoid.

Lateysha said: "I would probably snog Jackson, avoid Marco and marry Alex."

Andy added: "I'd marry Jason because I think he'd treat me well, like a lady!"

Speaking in the week, Alex's pal - and possibly a bit more - Vicky warned she would set FIRE to the house if he were to try it on with a girl on the show.

"I would set the house on fire,” the ex-Geordie Shore star told the Daily Star. "I know I'm being hypocritical saying I disapprove, but I just think Alex has got to much more to offer and he knows his family are watching."

Speaking on Loose Women, Vicky also admitted she "loved" Alex but didn't want to lose him as a friend.

"This is the 1 lad I can’t lose," the Queen of The Jungle said. “And if it means keeping him as a friend, I’ll have to make do with that."

Big Brother continues every night on Channel 5.

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