Big Brother 2016: REVEALED! Jayne Connery had a 'thing' with Chelsea Singh....

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Jayne Connery had a 'thing' with Chelsea Singh before Big Brother 2016, it's been revealed.

More connections between The Others and The Housemates are exposed on tonight's show when The Others meet the rest of The Housemates.

On Tuesday night, 12 brand new Housemates joined the Big Brother House for the summer. They are totally unaware that 6 Others are a short distance away in The Other House.

And both groups were also unaware of connections between them... until now.

In tonight's show, Ryan discovers enemy Sam is one of the main housemates while Jayne recognises Chelsea.

She confides in the housemates and that she has a history with the self-made millionaire.

Jayne reveals: “I never had a relationship with Chelsea but we were very, very friendly…who knows what might have happened but we fell out just before Big Brother…very recent, weeks”

Elsewhere in The Other House tonight, another secret is exposed.

In the other garden Ryan tries to find out Natalie’s hidden past.

He questions: “I want to know what’s going on with you. You’re hiding something very secret…it’s something to with politics”.

Natalie replies: “I’m always in the press. I’m a Madam basically…was”.

Ryan asks: “so what did you have to do, tie them up and whip them? “

Natalie admits: “Yeah”

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.