Big Brother 2016 spoilers! The Others choose their next target for eviction

Big Brother 2016

The Others have delivered their second nomination on Big Brother 2016 - SPOILERS!

On Tuesday night, 12 brand new Housemates joined he Big Brother House for the summer. They are totally unaware that 6 Others are a short distance away in The Other House.

The Others are targeting The Housemates and previously targeted Laura, putting her up for eviction. She in turn chose to nominate Lateysha.

In tonight's show, The Others must pick a new target.

Ryan and Charlie want to keep Jason and Sam in the House so they can come face to face.

Before The Others make their decision, The Housemates take part in a “tree of sins” task revealing some surprising facts about themselves and The Others watch from The Other House.

Charlie talks about Jason after watching the Housemates label him as fickle in the task: “We started rowing…it got quite bad. I started noticing he was backing off…he text me saying he can’t make me happy…I was awful to him”

The Others decide to target Alex.

Back in the main house, Big Brother reveals that he is nominated and that he in turn must nominate. He chooses Andy. Alex and Andy join Lateysha and Laura in facing eviction.

HOWEVER what neither the Housemates nor the Others know yet is that there is NO eviction on Friday.

Instead, The Others will pick two of the nominated housemates to move to The Other house in a big twist.

Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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