Big Brother 2016: Lateysha Grace doing the show for her 'secret' daughter

big brother 2016 Lateysha Grace

Lateysha Grace has hinted she's doing Big Brother for her daughter.

The Welsh reality star, who appeared on MTV series The Valleys, has come under attack from some viewers after it was revealed she was going into the show just months after giving birth.

But outspoken Lateysha seems to have anticipated the scathing public comments in response to entering the Big Brother house whilst 'leaving behind' her 10-month old daughter Wynter.

The 23-year-old from Port Talbot posted a heart-warming image (below) with her daughter on Instagram last month on what we now know to be the the day she went into hiding before joining Big Brother in Tuesday night's live launch.

Lateysha chose the poignant caption "Everything I do I do it for you ♥️"

Some fans of the show criticised Lateysha for failing to even mention the existence of her daughter on screen during the entrance VT, while others were quick to defend her and blaming the edit.

While Lateysha is in the house, her 10-months-old daughter Wynter Grace is being cared for jointly by her father Ben and Lateysha's mother Debbie.

l g daughter in

Potentially Lateysha could end up spending three months on the show however she's become one of the first to be nominated for eviction on Friday.

As it turns out, not all is as it seems with a big twist planned for tomorrow night.

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