Big Brother 2016: Ryan Ruckledge snaps after reconsigning a Housemate from his past...

Big Brother 2016

Ryan Ruckledge raged in the Big Brother house last night after reconsigning one of the housemates.

In yesterday's highlights show we saw The Others watch VTs of half of The Housemates.

And the first connections between the two groups were revealed, as Charlie Doherty explained how Jason Burrill as her ex boyfriend.

In the other house at the same time, The Others were watching the remaining half of The Housemates' VTs and yet more connections were revealed.

It turns out that one of the guys in the main house has a past with Ryan and another is Jayne Connery's ex.

In a VT, Ryan's Connected Housemate was heard claiming: "He became obsessed with me, dressing like me, talking like me."

Ryan ended up freaking out.

"I swear to f**king God get me in that f**king house now," he snapped. "Get me in there with that little f**king fart."

Ryan ranted and screamed: "I'm raging, I'm going red in the fucking face."

Charlie remarked: "I can't wait to get in there with a few people."

Meanwhile Jayne revealed of her ex: "I sort of thought, I bet they'll have him here, and you know what, Good luck to him, there's no bitterness."

Ryan told her: "It's me and you who have got them in here, live on that one you goons!"

See all revealed when Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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