Big Brother 2016 housemates' secrets are exposed in awkward task

Big Brother 2016

It's Day 2 in the Big Brother house and the contestants this evening got their first proper task.

Having been together in the house for just over 24 hours now, Big Brother got those in the main house involved in an ice breaker challenge.

There were two teams: Red and Black, while The Others watched everything unfold from the secret second house.

In the garden was The Tree of Sin in the garden, which contained leaves of gossip about the housemates in each team.

One member in a team at a time had to take a leaf and read the sin on the back before trying to guess which housemate on the opposing team committed the sin.

Statements included 'Who slept with their friend's partner in their own bed?', 'Who believes they're an alien from outer space?', 'Who once had sex with two sisters and the girls' mum?' 'Who's never been in love?', 'Who once spent £10,000 in a night club?' and 'Who spent nine months chasing a girl then five years trying to get rid of her?'

Once both teams had made their decisions, Big Brother revealed if they were right by announcing just who had really committed the sins.

The results will be revealed tomorrow (Wednesday) night in the latest highlights show which will air from 9PM on Channel 5.

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