Big Brother 2016 spoilers! HUGE and complicated eviction twist REVEALED!

Big Brother 2016 housemates

A brand new eviction twist has been revealed for Big Brother 2016 this week and it's about to get VERY complicated.

On Tuesday evening we met the 12 Housemates on this year's series along with six more contestants known as 'The Others', who are living in a second separate house.

"You are not Big Brother housemates, you not even in the Big Brother house," Big Brother told The Others. "The housemates do not know you exist and you must remain undetected. You are on a mission to target and take down the housemates.

"Create panic and paranoia and ultimate steal a place for yourselves in the Big Brother house."

The Others were put to work by Big Brother right away and nominated Laura Carter for eviction this week.

In turn, Laura was told she had to nominate a housemate and picked Lateysha Grace.

Over the next two days four more housemates will be joining the girls in being put up for eviction.

In tonight's latest show we saw The Others target another Housemate as Alex Cannon was nominated and had to nominate another Housemate, picking Andy West.

The Others will target one last Housemates who in turn also have to nominate another Housemate just like Laura and Alex had to.

HOWEVER there is no public vote this week: The Others will decide which TWO housemates of the six are evicted.

BUT there is an extra twist as in fact there is no eviction at all! The two housemates The Others pick to evict will just move to the second house, presumably losing their Housemate status.

And could that mean that two of The Others will become Housemates?!

All the drama will go down LIVE on Friday from 9PM on Channel 5.

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