Big Brother 2016! TWO housemates face first eviction... or do they?!

big brother 2016 Lateysha laura

Two housemates face the first Big Brother 2016 eviction on FRIDAY night after this evening's launch.

Or maybe not, with host Emma Willis teasing all may not be as it seems.

Earlier this evening we met the 12 Housemates on this year's series along with six more contestants known as 'The Others', who are living in a second separate house.

"New games, new rules and nobody is safe," said Emma, "The Others are coming."

As the housemates joined the main house, 'The Others' were revealed just a few metres away.

"You are not Big Brother housemates, you not even in the Big Brother house," Big Brother told the group. "The housemates do not know you exist and you must remain undetected. You are on a mission to target and take down the housemates.

"Create panic and paranoia and ultimate steal a place for yourselves in the Big Brother house."

The Others will work as a group, living in the second house to target the housemates to be in with a chance of winning this year's £100,000 prize fund.

After everyone had settled in a bit, the first twist as was sprung on the housemates in the main house.

Big Brother unveiled twelve podiums in the garden each labelled with a character trait including 'Intelligent', 'Sexy', 'Game Player' and 'Secretive'

The housemates had to each stand behind one podium and after much bickering they eventually each settled on their choices.

"These decisions will have consequences," Big Brother revealed. "Big Brother will get back to you."

We then went over to The Others who had 12 mannequins in front of them behind similar podiums, representing the housemates in the main house.

The Others had to pick on one housemate to target on based on nothing more than the podium they had stood behind.

They picked up the mannequin behind the 'Sexy' podium which, unknown to them, was Laura Carter.

Back in the main house, she was asked by Big Brother to stand in the target zone.

"You are now nominated for eviction," revealed Big Brother, "But that is not all. You must now nominate another housemate who will join you in facing eviction."

After just an HOUR, Laura had to deliver her nomination and picked Lateysha Grace.

"More of you will be targeted, no one is safe," Big Brother concluded.

However right at the end Big Brother teased that all may not be as it seems, with the next live show this Friday night.

For now, Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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