Big Brother 2016: The Others revealed as they take down the Housemates

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The Others have been revealed on Big Brother 2016 as this year's big twist is revealed.

This evening was the live launch of Big Brother 2016 and it began with a warning from host Emma Willis.

She described the series as "starting all over again" and told viewers that this year would see the "biggest shake up in Big Brother history".

"New games, new rules and nobody is safe," said Emma, "The Others are coming."

The first half of twelve housemates then entered the main house before The Others were revealed.

Standing in the second house were six more contestants who had been led to believe they would be housemates: Andrew, Hewie, Jayne, Natalie and Ryan.

"You are not even in the Big Brother house," Big Brother told the group. "The housemates do not know you exist and you must remain undetected. You are on a mission to target and take down the housemates.

"Create panic and paranoia and ultimate steal a place for yourselves in the Big Brother house."

The Others will work as a group, living in the second house and wearing Big Brother's uniforms as they pick on the main house.

If The Others want a chance to win this year's £100,000 prize fund, they'll succeed in their task and break the housemates.


However was there was yet another twist as Emma revealed that - unknown to both groups at the moment - the Housemates and The Others had connections.

"Some of them actually hate one another!" she teased.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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