Big Brother 2016: 5 reasons we're SUPER excited for tonight's launch

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother 2016 launches TONIGHT on Channel 5 and here's why we're counting down the hours...

The brand new house

big brother new house 1

This summer's Big Brother really will be BIG with two whole separate houses each with their own groups of contestants. The new second is being kept under wraps and we cannot WAIT to see inside...

The revamped old house

The Big Brother house - Living Room

Of course the 'old' house is still there and has been given a brand new makeover. We've been given a tiny sneak peek but it's going to be great to see around it in full on TV for the first time.

The new game!

bbuk diary room chair

'The Game Is Changing' is Big Brother's tag line this summer and it really looks like things are going to be different with the two opposing houses - but just what is in store for them and us viewers?

'The Others'

Who are 'The Others'?

Described as an "ominous dark force", 'The Others' will be living in the new second house and will be a "danger" to those in the main living area.

More than that, they've got mysterious "connections" with the housemates that even they don't know about!


Emma Willis

It may only have been weeks since Emma Willis was last on our screens with The Voice UK but we're glad she's back in charge of BB again!

Big Brother 2016 starts tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

Stick with us this summer for ALL the latest BBUK news, pictures, videos and gossip...

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