Big Brother 2016's two houses and big twist to be revealed on launch night!

Big Brother 2016 spoilers!

Big Brother 2016

Everything about this year's Big Brother 2016 two houses twist is being kept secret until launch night.

So far show bosses have revealed a few tiny titbits of information, the first is that there will indeed be two houses this year.

Inside the old, main house will be the housemates. Nothing unusual there.

But in the new, second house are 'the others'. Channel 5 say that the housemates should be afraid of the others as they will be plotting to steal their place in the main house in order to win the £100,000 prize fund.

However, there's more.

There are 'connections' between the housemates and the others that neither group are aware of which could make for an interesting summer.

Exactly how the new layer of game play will work has yet to be revealed and won't be until Emma Willis kicks off the series next Tuesday night live on Channel 5 from 9PM.

Rylan Clark teased today that the twist would surprise even us viewers.

"Watch out for the others, the others are coming and it's not what you think," he revealed. "They're dangerous, that's all I'm going to say. DANGER!"

And Rylan went on to suggest we may perhaps see celebs or even former housemates in the mix.

"There might be a few familiar faces in there you never know," he added.

On the topic of this year's cast, Rylan promised the most varied bunch yet.

"This year is probably the most mixed we've had in a long while, different races, gender, sexuality, age," he said.

Chatting on Facebook Live, Rylan went on to give a "big shout out to the task team".

"The task team tarted work on January on this series, we've got some good'uns and the house is a bit bigger so we can do bigger things," he told fans.

Big Brother 2016, nightly on Channel 5 from June 7.

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