Big Brother 2016: Huge twist REVEALED - get the details here!

Big Brother 2016 spoilers!

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Details about Big Brother 2016's big new twist have finally been confirmed - SPOILERS follow!

This morning, Bit On The Side's Rylan Clark promised Big Brother's "biggest twist we've ever done" would be revealed later today and he stuck to his word.

Even if it did take FOREVER for all to be divulged.

Anyway, it's now been confirmed that this year Big Brother will have TWO houses.

"The game is changing… and THE OTHERS are coming," Rylan wrote on Twitter this evening. "A new set of Housemates will enter a new game.

"But they won’t be alone. For the first time ever, Big Brother has TWO HOUSES."

It's since been revealed that the others in the 'secondary' house will be attempting to steal their place in the main house, in a bid to win the £100,000 prize.

And Channel 5 teased that neither the housemates or the others know about existing connections between them.

"These connections could turn both houses upside down. But what are these connections and how will Big Brother use them to keep everyone on their toes?" Channel 5 added.

Some rumours have suggested that the others in the 'second' house could well be directly related to those in the other, such as a mum and daughter or boyfriend and girlfriend.

Meanwhile, news of the second house has been circling about online for many months now, with construction having been taking place at the set in Elstree for the past few months.

We're VERY excited for the series and to see just how things will play out between the two groups of opposing housemates.


We'll just have to wait and see exactly what's planned for the groups when Big Brother 2016 kicks off on Channel 5 later this month.

Big Brother 2016 starts with the live launch on Tuesday, June 7 on Channel 5 with Emma Willis.

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