Big Brother 2016: Emma Willis wants diverse and fun housemates

Emma Willis

Emma Willis says she's hoping a diverse group of housemates on Big Brother 2016 this summer.

The new series kicks off with Emma at the helm LIVE on Channel 5 next week, and she's as excited as we all are.

Speaking ahead of Tuesday's live launch, Emma revealed she wanted to see more fun and less conflict in the house.

Emma explained: "Sometimes it gets a bit over dominated in parts by conflict and I think that’s led to Big Brother being quite explosive which is fun for a little bit, because everyone likes seeing the squabbles, but actually my favourite Big Brothers are when you get to see a lot of fun as well.

Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal
Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal

"With the series running over the summer and with the civilian housemates being in slightly longer, there is usually a phase in the middle bit of the show where they get the chance to relax.

"There is still lots of them in the house at that stage and they’ve got over any conflict and so you start to see the real personalities coming through and that tends to bring a lot of fun which is really important for the show."

As for this year's housemates, Emma is hoping for a mixed bag of personalities.

She said: "What I always like to see is a melting pot between different characters, ages and ethnic backgrounds as that’s what really brings out unexpected scenarios and people living in an environment with Housemates that they wouldn’t normally hang out with which is the perfect ingredient for a great series.

"I don’t tend to look at individual Housemates when we start, I kind of look at the group as a whole - that’s what gets me excited for the show. I hope we have some elder people in there because they’ve proved such great characters in the past as well as all the youngsters."

It's been reported that Bit On The Side's Rylan Clark has helped to pick this year's line up of housemates, and he's been bigging them up.

Chatting with Emma ahead of the launch on June 7, he teased: "What I can say is this is the most exciting line-up since I joined the show."

But Rylan confessed it's impossible to know just how things will go when they all move into the brand new Big Brother house together.

"You can never predict it because you put housemates in, and a week later they're all behaving totally differently, depending on who else they're in there with," he said.

Rylan Clark-Neal
Rylan Clark-Neal

Rylan added: "This is one of the only non-scripted reality shows out there, so nobody knows what's going to happen.

"That's what makes it so exciting – and nerve wracking – to work on.

Big Brother 2016, Tuesday June 7 at 9PM, Channel 5.

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