Big Brother 2016: Emma Willis wants to see a wedding this summer!

Emma Willis

Emma Willis says she's hoping to see a wedding on Big Brother 2016 this year.

The Channel 5 reality series kicks off a week today and Emma is hoping for big things.

Asked what she was looking for the new run would bring, Emma told new! magazine: "A Big Brother wedding!"

We're only okay with that if they get Michelle Bass to sing Pie Jesu at the service...

Emma went on to share her favourite tasks from the past sixteen years of Big Brother: "I bloody loved the back in time task, partly because I got to go into the house, but also because it brought the Lee Ryan situation to a head in in such a comedic yet confrontational way that was, in my book, vintage Big Brother.

"I also always look forward to the electric shock task. It makes me giggle every time."

Meanwhile, on the topic of weddings, Rylan Clark-Neal has compared his relationship to Emma over the summer as part-time husband and wife.

"We're committed to each other for six months a year, she's like my part-time wife," he said.

Rylan also opened up about David Gest's tragic death earlier this year following the star's stint on Celebrity Big Brother in January.

He said: "He was such a lovely man, I was so devastated. He was everything we wanted, and more. He was one of the nicest men to have met, and I'm delighted to have had the honour to do that.

"He's going to be missed so much by so many people, and we will definitely miss him on the show, one million per cent."

Big Brother 2016 starts Tuesday, June 7 on Channel 5.

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