Big Brother's Nick Henderson and Harry Amelia at war over their baby

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It's all got VERY messy between former Big Brother couple Nick Henderson and Harry Amelia.

The pair met on last year's Big Brother series and were together until March of this year.

Not long after their sudden split came news that the pair were expecting a Big Brother baby together and the revelation seems to caused a major war between the two former housemates.

And as things so often do nowadays, it was played out in public for everyone to see as Harry and Nick exchanged messages on Twitter.

Nick began by taking aim at Harry's supposed "prodding" of him on the social networking website, writing in now deleted tweets: "all you've done is go on about me for the last 3 months. Prodding away on your boring page, urgh #f***off

"Know matter how hard you try to look the victim, your still nasty af, won't be cornered with your threats anymore (sic). Won't let me there at the birth, won't accept mediation, won't accept money, abuses me on social media, threatens harassment orders".

He then wrote: "Deleted everything, let myself down. It bubbled up and I dealt with it wrong. This will be fixed, she needs to grow up and contact me."

However Harry was quick to hit back at Nick's tweets with a lengthy rant, responding: "You blocked my sister who was acting as mediator and was keeping you updated on my pregnancy.

"I've told you if you want to pay for your kid, don't give it to me, set up a savings account in HIS name.

"You have been banned from the birth by midwife/social services as you kept ringing the police and fasely (sic) claiming I assaulted you when I was in a different county.

She went on to claim (via The Sun newspaper): "You are allowed to see your child as much as you like, I have never said you couldn't, but due to you keep doing s**t like this on Twitter

"Drinking every night, taking ecstasy and overdosing on cocaine landing you in hospital, you will have to prove that you can care for a child."

However Nick then spoke up again by alleging: "I spend my money on Drugs and Drink? Harry's the one that did drugs in the relationship.

"I think I remember rightly you going on in the Diary Room about how you were having weed withdrawals and I won't go into the rest".

It appears as though Nick has since deleted his Twitter account.

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