Big Brother 2016 to be a "brand new show" with BIG changes

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother 2016 is quickly approaching and it's set to be all change this year.

In fact, it may not even be Big Brother at all other than in name.

Rylan Clark-Neal has told us viewers to "expect the unexpected" when the new series begins next month on Channel 5.

Rylan explained: "Everything's coming very soon. The new look, new treatment, new feel. It's a brand new show this year.

"Which is scary for me and Emma [Willis], scary for the production team, and very scary for the housemates. It feels like we're starting a new school. It's like going to big school."

In a chat with DigitalSpy, Rylan refused to give anything away about the exact plans but did speak about THOSE 'mash up' rumours.

It had been reported that we could see a hybrid Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother series, but Rylan played down the suggestion.

"There's still going to be a Big Brother in the summer and there's still going to be a Celebrity Big Brother," he cleared up. "This is the first year I'm out of the loop because I have to be.

"Be prepared for the unexpected, and I can say that more for this than any other series of Big Brother.

"I mean, I'd love it . But when I say celebrities, I don't think we're talking A-listers. I don't think we're talking massive but I do like the concept of mixing it up. But for us, it's a brand new show this year."

One change we do know about is that Big Brother 2016 will see a brand new look house with a two-story extension currently under construction.

It's not yet clear what the new building will be used for however, with speculation it could be a whole second house or a so-called 'task arena'.

The Big Brother 2016 start date is set for June on Channel 5.

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