Big Brother's Helen Wood is back in the papers again

Big Brother

Just when you thought you'd heard the last of Big Brother winner(!) Helen Wood, she's on the front pages of all the tabloids again today.

It's all because of another Kiss and Tell story regarding Helen, who first hit the headlines for a similar fling with a footballer.

A court injunction is currently preventing Helen, or any one else for that matter, from naming the 'A list TV actor' alleged to have hooked up with the ex-BB housemate back in 2011.

“It’s all so stupid," Helen complained. “I’d like to tell my full story.”

The story has been published in America and across social media but a ban prevents it being made public here in the UK.

“It’s strange that the rest of the world knows who these stars are but newspapers in the UK can’t report it," Helen told The Sun newspaper, which was first banned from reporting on the story back in 2011.

'Media lawyer' Mark Stephens added to the tabloid: “It is positively potty.

“Yet again the Americans have gazumped our own press with news which we cannot print.”

Helen appeared on Big Brother back in the summer of 2014, winning the series after getting a pass to the final.

She controversially returned to the house last year as part of the Timebomb twist as a 'Big Brother legend' alongside Nikki Grahame and Brian Belo.

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