Big Brother 2016 wannabe Steve Beer mistakenly auditioned for the AMERICAN version

Benefits Britain 'scrounger' claims BBUSA bosses wanted to meet him

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Benefits 'scrounger' and Big Brother wannabe Steve Beer is set to miss out on spending his summer on telly - because he accidentally auditioned for the American version of the show.

You might remember that Steve was first rumoured for Big Brother last year following his appearance on Channel 5's Benefits Britain: Too Fat To Work.

Having slimmed from 31 stone to 25 stone, he hoped that entering Britain's most famous house would show the public he's a changed man.

Steve wasn't picked for the 'Timebomb' series - and it looks like he won't be picked for the next one either, as the 45-year-old told The Sun that he's had to turn down a meeting with Big Brother USA producers after mistakenly sending his audition video to them instead of BBUK's bosses.

"I was asked to fly over to the USA to meet the producers of Big Brother US. I meant to apply for Big Brother UK, but I sent the application video to the United States show by accident," Steve explained.

"They invited me to go over for an audition, but I couldn't get my visa in time - or a passport. I'd like to do the English one instead, and if I'm still unemployed next month, I'm definitely available to go in the house."

His agent Barry Tomes added: "The US production team were really keen for Steve to fly over for an audition - but it was the next day and in New Orleans. I was ready to book the flights right then - but Steve told me he didn't have a passport."

However, Steve's claims are slightly dubious - as Big Brother USA contestants are required to "be a United States citizen and live in the United States".

Big Brother 2016 will reportedly feature 'celebrity' housemates - although the latest rumours suggest they'll actually be near-unknown tabloid faces, so there's a slim chance that Steve could end up on the show after all!

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