Is this the most ridiculous Celebrity Big Brother line up rumour yet?

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Ahead of the summer series, rumoured Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates have continued to trickle in.

And they seem to be getting more ridiculous than each time.

First it was 'road rage star' Ronnie Pickering who was linked to the show and last week 'drug mule' Michaella McCollum was rumoured after being released from prison in Peru.

Now Ben Innes is being tipped to take part.

Who? He's the guy that briefly hit the news for taking a picture with a hijacker who forced a plane to land in Cyrpus by using a fake suicide belt.

Ben's picture and story went viral and has apparently been noticed by CBB producers.

"Every year, controversial characters are chosen to become housemates and every year on launch night people moan 'but they're not famous'," a source explained this week. "Then by the end the second night of the series, they are addicted as the drama unfolds."

Speaking to the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper, the insider went on: "In Michaella and Ben's cases, they might not be famous in the traditional sense, but they are infamous, there's a difference, and the public want to hear their stories.

"It was the same when Natasha Giggs walked through the doors in 2012, not exactly celebrity status, but the nation wanted her side on the Ryan Giggs affair. It's TV gold."

While we've got little against the folks themselves, if any of them end up on the Celebrity Big Brother series it would be utterly ridiculous.

Especially with the 'normal' series of the show airing straight before which they just as easily take part in.

Let's just hope it's silly speculation.

We've still got a while to go until Big Brother returns with the next series not scheduled to begin until June.

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