Did Tiffany Pollard snub Celebrity Big Brother's wrap party because of Darren Day's wife?

Celebrity Big Brother

Tiffany Pollard has rubbished claims that she snubbed the Celebrity Big Brother wrap party to avoid Darren Day's wife.

Stephanie Dooley-Day has been married to Darren since 2007 and didn't seem to take too kindly to Tiffany putting the moves on her man in the house.

In a chat with Loose Women earlier in the month, Stephanie said watching the show she wanted to "drag [Tiffany] through that telly!" and remarked: "The after show party will be certainly interesting won't it..."

When Tiffany failed to appear at the wrap party, there was speculation she was worried about coming face to face with Stephanie but the American reality star has denied it in a new interview.

"First of all, I love the fact Darren Day noticed my absence," Tiffany said. "He knows that his two eyes were not on my breasts that night. All he did in the house was stare at the twins.

"You know what, whatever dish his wife was thinking she was going to serve to me, it would not be served. She’s not fire. I’m hotter than her. In fact, I’m more heat than she could ever be."

She told new magazine: "I have to chuckle at the idea of me being even the slightest bit worried about Mrs Day. Everything I’d say to her husband in the house I’d say to her face – and if they have any problems in the future I’ll be there for Darren.

"I skipped the party because I just didn’t want to be around those people no more. I wanted to party on my own."

Tiffany, who confessed to cheating on most of her boyfriend in the house, went on to reveal she's a changed woman.

"I was a bit of a homewrecker in the past, but I’ve wised up because one day I wanna be married as well and I don’t want karma to come back and serve me a vicious dose of what I’ve been serving up," she explained.

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