Tiffany Pollard is still after a bit of Scotty T following Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother

Tiffany Pollard is still after Scotty T following the end of Celebrity Big Brother.

In a new interview this week, the American reality telly star said that the Geordie Shore hunk needed to step up to the plate.

Promising to offer him "elegance and class", Tiffany said: "Scotty T needs to grow up and be a man.

"I definitely have some emotions toward him but he needs to step up to the plate. He needs to forget the other girls and show me some effort in the romance department because I'll take him to another level."

Speaking to new! magazine, Tiffany continued: "He's a Geordie whore, but I'd show him elegance and class.

"He's had little girls but I'd be his first woman. I'd show him new movements in the bedroom and taken him to a whole other level. We have unfinished business. I need to see how that turbo glides into me. I'm restless until that happens."

Meanwhile, Tiffany has claimed that doing what she ~did~ in the house helped her to make the final earlier this month, where she finished in fourth place.

"I knew I had to release myself," she explained. "There was a lot of tension built up and I couldn't take it anymore. So I went into the rest room, it was time for me to get reacquainted with myself.

"I was not ashamed. I had to make myself climax. If I hadn't done what I did, I don't think I would've made it to the final. I would've walked. I had to let out tension."

Tiffany declared: "That's my message to women: you climax, you relax, you win."

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