Emma Willis REALLY wanted Tiffany Pollard to win Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother host Emma Willis has revealed she definitely had a favourite on this year's series.

And now the final is done and dusted, she can come out and say it!

Speaking about the latest run, Emma raved about "brilliant" Tiffany Pollard, gushing: "She was one of those housemates - she went in and that whole thing with David happened and the arguing and how long it went on for, I was just like, 'Oh my God, no'. It was like another one of that girl from last series whose name I try not to remember!"

Emma continued: "She was on her own, she entertained on her own, she didn't need anybody else, she was self-sufficient and she came out fourth. That's why I thought she was a deserving winner. But it's always nice to see the nice guy win, so Scotty deserved it."

Meanwhile, the now veteran Big Brother presenter said the latest series proved the show still had legs after 15 years.

"​We never thought that we would top Lee Ryan's - I still call it Lee Ryan's year, it's Jim Davidson's year really," Emma told the DigitalSpy.com website. "And then when Perez went in and the two Katies, you didn't think they'd top that, and then they've done it again.

"I think it's down to the fact that it's not about having superstar guests, it's about having interesting celebs, whether they're really well known or only known to a specific genre of people, or a smaller group of people, whether they're still known in some way. So it's all in the casting and I have utter faith in them for that because they just keep getting it right.​"

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